Since its creation in September 2015, Drakelow Consulting has worked on a number of initatives for a varied client base in the UK and USA. Below are details of three completed projects:

Gtech Customer Services

Gtech, which manufactures and sells innovative cordless products, is undergoing rapid expansion. The company sells its products directly through its website, through a Customer Services and Sales centre, and also through retail channels. Drakelow Consulting worked with the business to accelerate development of forecasting and planning processes to ensure that the customer service and sales resource was able to grow in line with the business’s ambitious plans.

Specifically, Drakelow Consulting Ltd selected the optimum forecasting models based on business activity, and created a resource model to calculate a weekly resource requirement for each future week, based on sensible performance assumptions. Further, the project developed a scheduling tool that examines every 15-minute period throughout the week. Full support was given in the recruitment of a Resource Planning Analyst, and Drakelow Consulting collaborated with the new analyst to design and build a WFM tool to plan within-day exceptions.

In a subsequent initiative, Drakelow Consulting has completed a reporting initiative for Gtech, working with the client to acquire meaningful MI from the backend database of a recently-implemented telephony and multimedia platform.

Chris Plank, Gtech’s Customer Services Director said, “Drakelow Consulting helped Gtech by producing robust planning processes across; forecasting, scheduling and management information production. Phil's experience and insight have helped us to move forward far more quickly than we would have otherwise been able to, and his ‘can do’ attitude and focus have helped to inspire those that he worked with.”

Home Shopping Budget Support

Drakelow Consulting was hired by a leading home shopping business to support the Customer Services budget planning process for the financial year 2016/17. This involved identifying all of the input assumptions required, and working with the client analysts to obtain all of the information required. Phil Stubbs led consensus-building meetings to ensure that the budget assumptions used were achievable yet challenging, and fully critiqued by the local management team.

The result was a resource model from which the subsequent financial year’s cost could be estimated. It contained a full audit trail, since it included all of the business assumptions and performance targets.

Within the project, Phil also advised the client’s analysts on how to use a statistical technique called multiple regression to determine which factors best explain variation in the call volume from new customer campaigns.

Business Modelling within an education business

Drakelow Consulting offered modelling services to a business improvement project within a large, global education business. The project focused on a US-based operational centre, performing inbound & outbound calls, email and webchat. The analysis work involved understanding client processes, studying data from a number of sources, and demonstrating improvement opportunities.

A resource model was created by Drakelow Consulting, which calculated the resource requirement for the existing setup. A number of scenarios were loaded into the model in stages, based on the identified improvements, which revealed cost savings. Since the business is anticipating large growth, the project laid out a route suggesting how growth could be achieved with little change to actual resource levels, thus improving profitability significantly.